Welcome Team/Coffee Bar Rota
Volunteers needed for October/November. Please sign rota in foyer

Located in the Upper Room. Available for children up to 3 yrs old on Sunday mornings. Rota on Noticeboard

Prayer Diary
Prayer Diary with points for Prayer for MPC now available in foyer table.

The Kirk Session has passed the following for Services within our Church building. This includes Pre-Service material:
(1) That no Ppt presentations/images can be displayed without the approval and consent of the minister.
(2) Those who have material to be displayed either before or during a Service of Worship are to submit the material where possible by e mail to the Ppt team in advance of Sunday and only on Sunday morning by exception but no later than 10.00am or 6.00pm on Sunday evening.

If you are not receiving e mails from the church with weekly announcements please send an e mail to moirapcnewbuild(at)btconnect.com or if you cannot open e mail attachments please also send an e mail to this address
indicating this is the case and we will ensure announcements are sent in a format that you can read.

Moira Methodist Church
Are holding their Sunday Morning Service at 9.45am (note earlier time from next Sunday) in our Church Hall during the rebuilding work for their new church. We ask members of our own congregation to be considerate when parking on Sunday morning.

Reformation 500: 1517-2017
From Tues. 3rd October – Sat. 28th October in Irish Linen Centre/Lisburn museum. Also talks on the Reformation. Details on
leaflets in foyer.