Election of Committee
A new Committee of up to 20 will be elected by the end of May. A list of all those qualified to vote is now displayed on noticeboard in foyer. If you do not wish to be considered for Committee please speak to Mr. Ian Watson (Clerk of Session). The qualifications required of a voter are also displayed on the noticeboard. If you have any queries speak to Ian Watson. Voting papers will be available from Sunday 13 May.

Due to Catering on Thursday 10th May, the Outing to PW Annual Meeting in Church House has been CANCELLED.

Welcome Team/Coffee Bar
Required for May/June. Please check rota in Coffee Bar.

CD Recordings
‘What Happens One Minute after you Die?’ on table in foyer.

Flower List
There are still vacant dates for 15th July and August. Check List on Notice Board in Foyer or please contact Naomi Rice 02892612353/07710351058

Located in the Upper Room. Available for children up to 3 yrs old. Any person willing to help please contact Anna Pinkerton.

Presbyterian Herald available from Anne Gilpin
Word for today – Spring edition still available on Table in Foyer.

Christian Aid
Can all current Christian Aid collectors please collect their materials from Anna Hughes after this morning’s service. Alternatively, please contact Anna (Tel 92611913) to arrange collection during the week.

All announcements are now to be sent to moirapcnewbuild (at) btconnect.com or text to 07850 573 373 by 6:00pm latest on Thursday each week.

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