Letter from Rugarama, Rwanda – Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Dear Friends from Moira Presbyterian Church, Greetings!

We praise Lord for what He has done for us. We thank you once again for your Support to Rwanda, especially Rugarama parish through Mwanukundwa. Different projects like tailoring training are running because of you support. In fact, the Sewing Machines have a tremendous impact on believers of Rugarama Parish. The Graduates are now working in tailoring area and they daily get money, thus their life is changing better.

Next time we will send you a photo of a group of some graduates working together in one side of Kigali city. The trainings to the “care groups” in partnership with “Association Mwana Ukundwa” (AMU) had also a positive impact concerning change of mindset which is a benefit both to the Christians and the parish. Let’s pray each other so that God will strengthen our friendship.

In last couple weeks we had big Celebration of welcoming Rev Pastor Augustin KAZAMARANDE and saying goodbye to Rev. Pastor Marie Louise Ingabire who is promoted as Legal Deputy Representative of Zinga Presbytery in the Eastern province of Rwanda. Pastor Augustin is married to Epiphanie Niwemugeni, and he is a father of 4 children: 3 girls and one boy.

He used to be a Pastor in the Western Province of Rwanda where he served as a Pastor at Kirinda Presbytery. He is a Pastor in Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR) since 2001. He is now coordinating all physical and spiritual activities of Rugarama Parish since the middle of July this year. May God guide him along his ministry time in Rugarama parish.

This is to introduce the new pastor to you. Hope together God will bless all of us and will enable us to make many achievements.

This Mail is Official for Rugarama Parish’s Activities, On Behalf of Rugarama Parish we wish you all the Best.

Mr. Jean Baptiste (JABO) , the president of Partnership Committee