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JAM (Sunday School)

Sundays 11:20am – Church Hall

The main aim of JAM is to bring the Good News of the Gospel to all the children who attend each Sunday morning.

Around 65 children attend JAM, ranging from pre-school right up to 16 years of age. There are 15 JAM teachers and helpers. Each week there is a Bible lesson and art & craft based on the Christian message.

Most of the children and young people belong to Moira Presbyterian, however each week there are some who are visiting the church with their family. Some have joined because of their school friends and others because their families have moved to Moira and have started attending the church.

Each year the JAM raises money for the Presbyterian Church Children’s Project. This year it is supporting a school in Lebanon and Bibles for believers in Syria. JAM also sponsors a young boy called Benson (P6) in Africa, through Fields of Life.

The leaders love seeing how God speaks to the children, as they listen and ask questions each week. In recent years, at least 5 children have came to faith, as a direct result of the Gospel shared with them each Sunday.

Pulse (Youth Fellowship)

Sunday evenings (twice a month) – Youth Room in Church Hall

The Pulse Youth Fellowship meets twice a month on a Sunday night. The main activities involve reading the Bible together, having a short talk on a relevant topic or Bible passage, small group discussion, praying together, eating together and playing games.

Up to 12 young people attend each meeting. At present 3 do not attend Moira Presbyterian but they do attend other churches. Pulse has helped them to learn more about the Christian faith. The hope is that they will all come to know God, through Jesus, as their Lord and Saviour.

The leaders aim to build up strong relationships with the young people, so they feel able to ask questions and to help them see the hope the leaders have in Christ. They have found it encouraging to see how the young people have grown in their understanding and to hear some of them praying out loud for the first time.

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GB – Girls’ Brigade

Every Thursday – Church Hall

Juniors (8-10) 6.30pm-8.30pm
Seniors (11-13) 7.15pm-9pm
Brigaders (14-18) 7.15pm-9pm

Every Saturday – Church Hall

Explorers (5-7) 10am-11:45am
Tiny Tots (3-4) 10:30am-11:45am

The Girls’ Brigade is a uniformed organisation, with almost 23,000 members in Northern Ireland. The motto is ‘Seek, Serve and Follow Christ’.

The GB was started at Moira Presbyterian over 40 years ago. Around 100 girls attend each week. Approximately 30 are from Moira Presbyterian, 55 go to other churches and 15 don’t have any other church connection.

Activities include craft, PE, skipping, games, cooking, singing, and learning scripture. Members can learn new skills and take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme.

The GB are also raising money to fund the building of a school in Uganda. This project helps raises awareness of the challenges people face in Uganda.

Many girls have grown in confidence, and shown interest in the Christian faith, by asking questions and discussing relevant topics. Some girls have gone on to become full members of the church.

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BB – Boys Brigade

Every Monday evening

Anchor Boys (P1-P4) 6.45pm-7.45pm – Church Hall
Junior Section (P5-P7) 7.15pm-8.45pm – Upper Room of Church Building
Company Section (11-18) 7.30pm – 9.30pm – Minor Hall

The Boys’ Brigade is a uniformed organisation open, with around 50,000 members in the UK. The main objective of the BB is ‘The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Boys’.

Up to 50 boys attend each week, and are led by 15 Officers and helpers. Around half are from Moira Presbyterian, with the rest either connected to another church or with no church.

The BB is committed to seeing the boys reach their full potential by providing opportunities to meet together and engage in a range of activities such as learning new skills, playing games, sport, badge work, helping local charities and Bible study.

The leaders have found it encouraging to see boys grow in confidence as they are given responsibility. By sharing the Gospel and encouraging the development of a personal Christian faith, boys have come to faith during their time at BB.

New members are very welcome. A uniform not necessary for new Boys on first night.

1st Moira BB:
Boys’ Brigade NI:

Zone (Youth Club)

Friday evenings fortnightly – Church Hall

The Zone Youth Club provides a safe place for young people of secondary school age, on alternate Friday evenings.

The main hall is used for various sports such as Volleyball, Football, Netball, and Basketball. Other areas are used for playing pool, the games console, table tennis, relaxing on the sofas, and a tuckshop. Craft and cooking nights are hosted in the kitchen.

Up to 15 young people attend regularly, but this can increase to nearly 30 when they invite friends to special events or trips. Around a quarter are not members of Moira Presbyterian or any other church.

The hope is that the young people will have fun, make new friends in the church and ultimately get to know God for themselves. New helpers and ideas are always welcome.

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